Heli Hunting and Fishing Taupo, Commercial, Agriculture and Charter Helicopter work in the Central North Island

Commercial and Agriculture Helicopter Operations

Heli Hunt n Fish, Taupo can undertake a full range of commercial and agriculture heli work including lifting, spraying, training, fire lighting, fire fighting to mustering and live capture.

Behive lifting with a Squirrel


B206b - 650kgs

R44 - 420kgs

R22 - 210kgs


We can help with all your heli charter requirements


Firelighting for clearing land


2 x firebuckets available

Frost control

3 x helicopters available for small to large blocks. All pilots are night rated.


All kinds of spraying from forestry to scrub and thistles, also fertilisers including slurrys(FPA's), fertiliser spreading, urea etc all gps guided and pilots growsafe accredited.


Our pilots have a good stock sense ideal for mustering animals like deer and cattle.

Live capture

We are also very experienced in live capture of deer.


Office and A/H: 07 3785314

Taumarunui: 07 8966964

Phil Janssen - Ops Manager: 0274 614180 

 Email:  Heli Hunt n Fish Taupo